Biology 1610 & 1615 - College Biology I & Lab

Signature Assignment: Research Paper


This research project topic was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment decision, made directly after being introduced to reverse transcriptase in lecture. I found it immensely interesting that it was possible for a virus to use its own RNA to effectively rewrite the DNA of its host organism, and thought that the dramatic story of Howard Temin's perseverance in bringing his discovery to light made for a compelling read and a well-suited background for the discovery of such a groundbreaking little enzyme.

Before beginning this semester, I had no education at all in biology. This course and its accompanying lab BIOL 1615 have been my introduction to a new world of study, and have well cemented in my mind my decision to pursue a career in life science. I enjoy the combination of reading, practical experiments, and theoretical research that a subject like this offers.