Welcome to my ePortfolio!

Hello! My name is Ryan Briggs, and I am a biology undergrad student at Salt Lake Community College (2022-23). I work as a pharmacy technician and my ultimate goal is to follow up this undergraduate degree with a doctorate in Pharmacy, then eventually run my own independent pharmacy!

About me

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, where I lived until I was eight. My mom was in grad school finishing up her M.Div, and my dad was working long hours as a restaurant manager, keeping us all afloat.

When I was eight, we moved out-of-state for the first time - to Kodiak, Alaska! My mom had finished her degree and gotten her certification as an ordained minister, and took the best job offer she got, which moved us thousands of miles away. Over the course of the next ten years, my parents split up, and I followed my mom from city to city as she pursued better and better job prospects, while my dad worked on establishing himself in Colorado.

In those ten years, I lived in another two states: Colorado, and then California. By the time I was eighteen I had moved more than a dozen times total and had not been in the same home for mroe than a couple years at a time. Though this was a rocky and fast-paced way to grow up, I am grateful that I had the experiences that I was given - I got to see some pretty amazing things as a kid that many adults have never experienced!

I moved to Utah alone in 2018, establishing my independence as an adult, and have been here ever since!

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